Delivering eco-friendly alternatives to plastic

The new eco-friendly alternative to plastic

4eco Limited is a company that commercialises non-plastic products made from agroindustrial waste and natural sources.

Our products have a lower carbon footprint compared to other products in the marketplace and are unique as they biodegrade without any process.

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Straws and cutlery made from Avocado seeds

Exclusive distributors of Biofase in the UK. The first non-food cutlery and straws made with a bioplastic resin. This means we are not using food sources such as corn or potato which could be used for feed. We use avocado seeds – an agroindustrial waste – as a raw material from which we extract the biopolymer through our patented technology. Our products are unique as they biodegrade without any industrial processing.

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Did you know?

Fact one

An estimated 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced since the 1950s — that’s equivalent to the weight of more than 800,000 Eiffel Towers. Only 9% of it has been recycled.

Fact two

Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times and it takes 500-1,000 years for plastic to degrade.

Fact three

Virtually every piece of plastic that was ever made still exists in some shape or form (with the exception of the small amount that has been incinerated).

Fact four

The average person eats 70,000 microplastics each year. That works out to about 100 bits of microplastic over the course of just one meal.

Who are we?

4eco, are committed to bringing products to the market that can make a real difference now. Their mission as mothers, and concerned individuals, is that they want to make a real difference to both today’s and tomorrow’s generations.


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