Reducing pollution and why biodegradable is best...

Creating positive change today and helping preserve tomorrow.

At 4eco we are committed to bringing products to the market that can make a real difference now. Our mission is that, as Mothers as well as concerned individuals, we want to make a real difference to both today’s and tomorrow’s generations. Our children and all the life we share this amazing world with deserve a planet clean and free of plastic to enjoy and preserve.

Biofase products utilise the Avocado seed to create plastic free products. 


Biodegradable versus compostable

In industry disposal of avocado seeds means millions of tons of pollution every year. Biofase products turn Avocado seeds destined for industrial composting in to useable biodegradable materials. This saves the environment while providing high-quality reusable products.








  • Natural process.
  • Converts into CO2, biomass and water vapour without and process involved.
  • Biodegrades within a year.
  • Lower emissions and overall lower carbon footprint.
  • Main raw material - reutilizes agroindustrial waste.
  • Biodegrades in the landfill.


  • Burning process at 120° degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Requires composting facilities.
  • Contains PLA - if it ends up in landfill is as bad as plastic.
  • CO2, Methane and Nitrus Acid are released contributing to global warming.
  • Growing crops and clearing farmlands to produce a disposable product.
  • A large amount enters recycling facilities and disturbs the process making it no better than plastic.

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