About 4eco

4eco, embracing changes large and small today for the safety of future generations

We are Clare and Sandra, the founders of 4eco.

We aim to bring products to the market that will make a real difference in the fight to remove harmful plastic from our world. Our children deserve a planet free and clear of plastic for them to enjoy and preserve.

All product ranges that we market will be plastic-free and biodegradable. The Biofase straws and cutlery range, made from our Avocado seeds and organic compounds, is a prime example of our approach and ethos.

This scientific breakthrough means that an agricultural waste product can now be converted into biodegradable replacements for standard plastic items, thereby delivering reduction in oil consumption and carbon footprint, cleaner communities and a more sustainable environment.


Meet the founders

Clare worked for 15 years in a large UK Advertising Agency and has brought many products to launch – Unilever, Coty, Citroën and many more over this period. Since then she has run her own fitness business and helped on many different start-up products.

Email: Clare@4eco.uk.com

Born in Mexico. Accountant. Worked for Kodak Company in the Accounting Department and as an Internal Auditor for Latin America for 12 years. Married and lived in 8 countries working in charity organisations as an expat.

Email: Sandra@4eco.uk.com


View our fresh new alternatives to plastic

Discover our avocado seed based cutlery and straws plus our cassava starch based bags that dissolve in water. All 100% biodegradable