The new eco-friendly alternative to plastic

Avocado seed based cutlery and straws are the first made from fully renewable and sustainable sources. Biodegradable, PLA and BPA free, the products break down rapidly and naturally reintegrating back into nature’s carbon cycle.

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Fresh new idea with a range of benefits...


Agricultural waste, not food based


Hot and cold food friendly


Extra strong and durable


Low carbon footprint


Full range of straws, cutlery and cocktail stirrers available


Reduces plastic pollution significantly - PLA and BPA free

Reducing pollution and how the magic works

Using agricultural waste to produce straws and cutlery, that’s real sustainability. This means that, due to the content originating from agricultural crop waste, Biofase products are more farm and forest friendly.

The Avocado is a magical fruit, it is delicious and offers an enormous amount of nutrients that benefit our health. However, Biofase discovered recently that the Avocado seed also contains special properties that can help to reduce plastic contamination around the World. In 2012, Biofase discovered that Avocado seeds can be converted into a biodegradable plastic polymer. This technology developed by Biofase, is one of the real solutions to counter plastic pollution. This manufacturing process enables the production of bioplastic products with minimal carbon footprint impact on the environment.


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Discover our avocado seed based cutlery and straws plus our cassava starch based bags that dissolve in water. All 100% biodegradable