Biofase Shortlisted for 2019 Footprint Awards

We have had a very exciting time at 4eco recently as we have been shortlisted for our first award.

4eco have entered the Footprint Awards 2019 which is the annual celebration of the work that organisations in the foodservice industry and its supply chain are doing in the name of sustainability for the benefit of themselves, their community and the industry at large.

Footprint Awards remains the only initiative to honour the achievements of companies in the area of sustainability and responsible business practice in the out of home sector and its supply chain. These awards are open to organisations at every stage in the food supply chain from growers, producers, manufacturers and distributors, through to all hospitality and foodservice operators in both public and private sectors, their suppliers and other stakeholders such as NGOs and specialist support services.

Just to give you a bit of an idea of why 4eco entered its’ Biofase range for the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources category;

The avocado market in Mexico is the largest in the world as multinational food processing companies produce avocado paste and avocado oil in this country. The millions of resulting stones used to be discarded on landfill or buried.  Biofase is a company that was formed with the sole idea of reutilising that waste.  Currently only 1% of the avocado stones are being utilised and the increased planting of avocado trees due to the growth of the Mexican avocado industry means that the Biofase range has a guaranteed  and large supply of raw material to fuel its growth into a major market player.

Biofase products have the lowest carbon footprint on the market as they are 100% biodegradable and do not require any extra process once used.   

This is a wonderful innovation as it has a cycle that returns the avocado based product into the soil that sees it converting into CO2, biomass and water vapour. A true natural process. Just like discarding a banana peel!  

Scientists have discovered that true sustainability comes from the fact that we don’t extract anything from under the ground to produce articles of everyday use, and by doing so, the carbon dioxide cycle does not get altered.  The problem with plastic is that its main source comes from a fossil fuel that is under the earth’s core and it is brought up into nature “disturbing” the natural sequence of our planet.  Most fossil-based plastics and even some plant-based plastics will not biodegrade. They are, however, photodegradable, which means that if they’re exposed to light, they will degrade into smaller pieces of plastic that are swallowed by marine creatures, but become embedded in the zooplankton, and thereby poison our food with toxins. Biofase is working with a local ‘Ocean in Mexico’ project to clean up the ocean.  

Biofase use agricultural waste to produce products which offer real sustainability and reintegrates its carbon back into nature’s carbo cycle.

Others shortlisted in this area of Sustainable Use of Natural Resources Award are  Adnams, Leanpath and Southern Water.  We are really excited in anticipation of the results and look forward to attending the dinner on The Footprint Awards Dinner will take place on Wednesday 5th June at Royal Institute of British Architects

The event will be  sponsored by Nestlé Professional, Essential Cuisine, innocent, Kuehne+Nagel, London Linen, Meiko, Nisbets, Quorn, Sodexo, Westminster Kingsway, Bidfood, Hoshizaki, Winnow and WRAP.

Keep your fingers crossed for us and we will let you know how we get on.

Clare Calow

Director 4eco Limited

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