Biofase launch into the UK market

4eco are pleased to announce the launch of the Biofase range of Biodegradable Cutlery and Straws into the UK market.

This exciting launch represents a major step in the drive towards replacing our World’s dependence on BPA and PLA based products, which are seen as detrimental to our environment and ecosystems. 

The Biofase range is made from Avocado seeds and other organic compounds. This ground-breaking leap in technology was invented in Mexico in 2013 by Scott Munguia, an Agricultural Scientist of International repute. Mexico grows and processes over 50% of the World’s Avocados per annum for the production of consumables such as Guacamole and Oil and his invention has enabled Avocado seeds, which were up until then an unusable Agri waste product, to now deliver a biodegradable range of disposables free from PLA and BPA. 

The range ticks many boxes in the struggle to reduce harmful plastic pollution as it will biodegrade within a set certified period of 1 year with 60% of that happening within 240 days. In addition, the range has an extremely low carbon footprint as it does not need to grow and harvest crops prior to production. 

4eco are conscious of the drive towards compostability but believes that the infrastructure for achieving meaningful levels is still a long way from becoming a realistic solution within the UK. As such the Biofase range is currently the best solution commercially available to help Industry and Consumers to contribute to a safer World. 

Clare Calow and Sandra Johnson, the principles of 4eco, are committed to bringing products to the market that can make a real difference now. Their mission is that, as Mothers as well as concerned individuals, they want to make a real difference to both today’s and tomorrow’s generations. As part of this ethos, they will be bringing more exciting plastic-free products to market soon. 

The Biofase range is available in plastic-free packaging in sizes to meet the needs of both the Catering and Retail sectors. 

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