The new green solution to plastic

4eco bags look and feel like plastic but contain zero plastic whatsoever. They are produced with a bio-based polymer compound derived from natural cassava starch and other naturally abundant materials.

Fresh new idea with a range of benefits...


The best alternative to fossil fuels


Can be safely consumed by animals


100% bio-based polymer compounds


Made out of natural cassava starch and as strong as regular plastic


Dissolves in water (but not in the rain!) and composts naturally in landfills


PLA and BPA free

Reducing pollution and how the magic works

4eco bags are made out of a bio-based polymer compound that comes from the raw material cassava.

4eco bags are the ideal alternative for regular plastic, as they merely make use of the sustainable natural resources available. The material is strong and durable and is therefore perfectly suitable to replace the regular and wasteful plastic bags as you know them today!

Our bags will dissolve in water, soil or landfill, with the help of macro and micro-organisms under natural conditions, whereas other “bio-plastics” (PLA) will not disappear without the help of industrial composting facilities.


The best alternative to fossil fuel-based products

The plastic industry takes up roughly 8% of our oil production, and (given projected growth in consumption) it is forecasted to rise to 20% by 2050. A big part of the pollution humans generate, results from the burning of fossil fuels. Using 4eco products instead of regular plastic not only decreases plastic waste, which at this point is being dumped in the oceans at a truckload per minute, but at the same time also fights against fossil fueled pollution.

Can safely be consumed by animals

4eco product dissolves in water in the span of about 3 months, or instantly at temperatures of 80 degrees °C or higher, leaving a liquid that is 100% natural and even drinkable. Land and aquatic animals can safely consume the material. It is in fact part of how the material recycles in nature; by action of micro-organism such as bacteria and fungi.

Dissolves in water (but not in rain!) and composts naturally in landfills

4eco bags compost naturally in soil or landfills within 3 to 6 months. Many conventional “eco-friendly” and “recyclable” bags are made out of PLA, and will only decompose with the assistance of industrial composting facilities. This means even the bags you think are green, stay out in nature much longer than we want. 4eco dissolves in water leaving a 100% natural liquid, composts in soil without leaving harmful traces, and leaves a non-toxic ash when burning

Made out of natural cassava starch

Starch is one of the most abundant substances in nature, a renewable and almost unlimited resource. Cassava starch is produced from the root of the cassava plant and has many remarkable characteristics, including high paste viscosity, high paste clarity, and adhesiveness which makes it a great renewable source for 4eco bags.

100% bio-based polymer compounds

In a perfect natural closed loop system, waste products from one organism or process are used by another organism or process. 4eco products are made from cassava, creating a bio-based polymer compound which can safely return to nature in the form of H2O and CO2, which in turn feeds our agriculture, making 4eco products part of a true sustainable lifecycle.

As strong as regular plastic

4eco bags look like plastic, feel like plastic, but contain zero plastic whatsoever! They are as durable as regular plastic carrying up to 9 kilo’s, and are therefore suitable for F&B, retail, personal use and more. 4eco material can be used in many different shapes or forms, and has not surprisingly established itself as a leading source of eco-friendly products.