Biofase is coming to the UK!

We are pleased to announce that the Biofase range of Avocado seed based straws and cutlery are to be launched imminently in the UK.

December 18, 2018

Meet BIOFASE, the first non-food based bioplastic resin. This means we are not using food sources such as corn or potato, which could be used for feed.

Biodegradable, PLA and BPA free, the products break down rapidly and naturally reintegrating back into nature’s carbon cycle.

We use avocado seed agrowaste as a raw material, from which we extract the biopolymer through our developed technology.

We have been globally recognized for our technology and the potential to be a feasible solution to the current plastic pollution crisis.

From agrowaste to bioplastic.


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Discover our avocado seed based cutlery and straws plus our cassava starch based bags that dissolve in water. All 100% biodegradable